About Us!

TranslaCAT began with Christiane Jost, who alone worked as a freelance translator to compliment her full time job in Brasília. She quit that job and moved to Teresópolis to work on a huge localization project, where she met Daniel Zandonadi. He also left behind a regular job, moved by his desire of becoming a professional translator. They shared many smoke breaks at the building garage and became friends.

Later, Christiane's daughter Karine became part of the QA team and there she developed her quality assurance, reviewing and troubleshooting skills. Months later they decided to leave the project and form a partnership for an agency of their own. TranslaCAT was then set; Chris with technical expertise and incredible production, Daniel as the creative bastion and language reference, and Karine with outstanding quality assurance and project management capabilities.

Those are the three pillars upon which our work is continually being built: Quality, Creativity, Organization. We are now a team with 10 translators, 5 proofreaders, 2 project managers and 3 lead linguists that are able to deliver translation and proofreading projects in text, audio, dubbed video and other media formats. We work with the industry's top CAT tools and can handle any job from ground zero. Most of our jobs are from the IT, gaming and automotive fields, but we are capable of handling virtually any subject matter.

We are strongly motivated by new challenges and are extremely satisfied to deliver the quality our customers desire.